What the Podcast?!

What the Podcast?!

If you’re just learning of podcasts or are unclear on what they are, read on! Podcasts are sound files, usually recorded weekly or biweekly. Many people who develop podcasts set them up like a radio talk show with different episodes focused on topics or featuring special guests. Churches are even using them to broadcast sermons. You can subscribe to them, download episodes, and listen whenever you have time.

People love them because they feature life lessons, special guests, or even how-to sessions. The Springfield metro area has a plethora of talented and popular podcasts. Below are a couple of our favorite up-and-coming podcasts we think you may like.

Picture Imperfect

Deneé and Shannon have been talking about what they can “do” together since their friendship began. Both gifted with an ability to talk without breathing, share without thinking and laugh without fear of snorting, it was inevitable for them to land on podcasting as an appropriate outlet for their passions.

Both Shannon and Deneé demand excellence from their craft and wanted to launch not just a podcast, but a community movement.  Bringing in humor and honesty as they tackle the big “perfection” monster.  They want nothing more than to hear that their friends and fans are able to silence the voice in their heads that tells them they aren’t good enough.

To listen to the show, search for “Picture Imperfect” in your podcast player, or visit www.pictureimperfect.show.

Unsung Dreamers

Having spent most their lives pursuing the ‘musical dream’, Dan and Tara Fritz explore the stories of others who have done the same. Currently based in Springfield, MO, this married couple dives into the lives and stories of their local music scene in hopes to gain knowledge, inspiration and connection to their fans, by giving them the platform that they deserve. Having fame and fortune is not the only reason we dream. It’s not the destination of everyone’s purpose. However… the struggles, the triumphs, the pain, the joy, the satisfaction, the being broke down on the side of the road with only a dollar in your pocket… are all shared experiences. Get to know your not-so-famous local artists, writers, singers, players and even those behind the scenes whose stories will inspire you as much as any others.

So them a listen… And SUBSCRIBE!


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