Sept/Oct 2018 From the Editor

Sept/Oct 2018 From the Editor

I moved to the Ozarks in September of 2006. I’ll never forget the view from the crest of the mountain as we approached our new hometown. The awe I felt at the brilliance of the fiery reds and oranges displayed for miles in front of me was a memory I fondly treasure. Knowing I shared that feeling with my family makes the experience even more majestic.

There’s just something about sharing experiences with others that makes it somehow more memorable, more emotional, more real.

Recently, I read Brene’ Brown’s Braving the Wilderness. In it, she says, “The more we’re willing seek out experiences of collective joy and show up for moments of collective pain – for real, in person, not online – the more difficult it becomes to deny our human connection.”

This fall, I challenge you to get outside your comfort zone. Go to the event you’ve been meaning to go to for years. Go to that party, or better yet host it yourself!

Whatever it is that you do, get out there, enjoy it, and connect with strangers, friends, and family. You’ll be glad you did, and will feel more human because of it!

Metro Woman Angi, Owner/Publisher

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