Plan a Girls’ Day Out With Family or Friends!

Plan a Girls’ Day Out With Family or Friends!

Have you ever left a gathering with family or friends and felt like you didn’t connect? A few years ago, after a holiday dinner, I told my husband that though I enjoyed myself, I didn’t feel connected.  Everyone busied themselves with the meal, but there was little time left to enjoy one another… And this is how Girls’ Day Out was born!

Members of my family live in different cities, are different ages, and all have very busy schedules.  Aside from holidays, months would go by in-between the time I got to see my sisters and the other girls in the family.  Without effort, one month can slip into the next, and before you know, it a year will have gone by!

We now plan an annual Girls’ Day Out and make it fun with a different theme each year. Some themes we’ve done in the past are:  Kindness Campaign Challenge Day; a limousine ride, lunch, and a shopping trip; a family photo day where we took crazy photos, and each person got a family photo with a few family stories; and recently, we had brunch and an afternoon pottery party where we each made a keepsake.

This has been so much fun that I now schedule Girls’ Day Out or Girls’ Night Out with my friends, too. One group has been meeting for over 25 years on the 3rd Thursday of the month for dinner.  Another group has done painting parties and kindness campaigns with fun pictures taken along the way.

Why don’t you plan a Girls’ Day Out with friends or family? 

If you are in the same city, Saturday brunches or dinners out once-a-month are a great way to stay connected. Adding an activity whenever possible just enhances the fun.

So…get out your calendars today – and make plans now to connect with those you love!

Paula Shumaker O’Donnell writes “Monday Motivation” for businesses, individuals, and publications such as “Guideposts Magazine,” “Mysterious Ways,” “Angels on Earth,” and “Woman’s World.”
Visit her website at theworldneedsyou.com or email mycoachpaula@aol.com

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