Non-food Related Reasons You May Be Feeling Stuck

Non-food Related Reasons You May Be Feeling Stuck

If you’re a woman in the Springfield, Missouri area, you may have been trying to lose weight. You’ve been making healthier food choices and have even seen some significant improvements in the beginning of your weight loss attempt. However, you’ve now seemed to hit a plateau.

Here are some non-food related reasons why you are not seeing or feeling any improvements lately…

Being too focused on the scale

With factors such as fluid fluctuations and building muscle, the scale can be deceptive. It is most practical and accurate to assess our accomplishments by how we feel and how our clothes are fitting.

Not exercising

If you’re eating healthy and not prioritizing exercise of some sort, you will likely hit that plateau. While eating clean is a crucial piece of staying healthy, exercise is also necessary to achieve your health goals. Find the exercise that fits into your schedule and that you enjoy the most.

Exercising too much

If you don’t exercise enough, it’s not ideal. However, if you exercise too much it causes stress, which can deter your weight loss efforts. If you’re working out too much, take some time to reevaluate your workout strategy for better results. Perhaps think in terms of adding some weight lifting to your work out plan.

You’re still drinking sugar

You eat healthy meals, but your morning coffee is filled with cream and sugar, or you’re drinking a lot of other sugary drinks. Try substituting infused water for your beverage of choice until you find that you may crave water more than that sugary drink.

So, if you want to start seeing improvements again, reevaluate the non-food related daily habits that may be hindering your progress and make those adjustments!

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