How New Decor Can Give Renewed Hope

How New Decor Can Give Renewed Hope

There was a time when I wanted to put a sign by the front door that said, “This home is NOT a reflection of who I am!” This was before HGTV. This was before I discovered what a little paint and a few accessories can do to transform things into more of what you want.

JL Bairs Home Decor & Gifts in Springfield, MOAt that time, I didn’t have much extra money. I did have enough to get a cute breakfast tray, a pretty placemat and a new coffee cup. I also painted my wicker chair. This gave me a fresh, new space to start my day. It represented who I was then.

Another time I was starting over, but in the same home. I wanted something to represent my new future. I bought an inexpensive, inspirational picture and hung it on my living room wall. Several times each day, I walked by my picture which made me smile.

I find that if you are going through a transition – new job – new status (married or newly single) – empty nest – an identity crisis of some sort, then it helps to have something visual – something concrete – that says, “This is who I am now!”

What can you do to update your home to reflect who you are? Do you need to create a space to call your own? Whether you paint your walls or a chair, whether you buy new placemats or one picture to express who you are – these things, in themselves, aren’t hope. But what they can do is give you a glimmer of a new future – a new sense of self – and sometimes that is enough to begin…

Paula Shumaker O’Donnell writes “Monday Motivation” for businesses, individuals, and publications such as “Guideposts Magazine,” “Mysterious Ways,” “Angels on Earth,” and “Woman’s World.”
Visit her website at theworldneedsyou.com or email mycoachpaula@aol.com

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