November is recognized as adoption-awareness month.

November is recognized as adoption-awareness month.

Two Springfield, Missouri area women who share an adoption journey turned their experience into a group in 2003 to assist all members of the Adoption Triad – Adopted Adults, Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents. Their stories are different, but they’re united in the emotions of those experiences. Judy Mills was adopted at birth and has since reunited with some of her half-siblings, as her birth parents are deceased. Sharon placed her daughter for adoption in 1969; her daughter Lori found her 23-1/2 years ago which forever changed her life.

With the passage of the Missouri Adoptive Rights Act which was effective January 1, 2018 allowing Missouri-born adopted adults to request a copy of their original birth certificate, Judy and Sharon are using their knowledge to help others in their journey of finding their biological parents or children. DNA test results from various companies are also being studied and discussed in their monthly meetings.

At our first Triad meeting in 2018 after the Breaking the Seal event in Jefferson City, Betty Ridge gave Sharon a turtle and frog figurine. Robin Marlin’s first thought upon seeing it was, “I’m the frog that you carried on this journey.  Wow! Thank you to all the turtles who helped us frogs find our way … May we pass it forward somehow.”  I believe this summarizes the reason that Judy and Sharon started the group in 2003, as many members are continuing to help others along their journeys.

For more information on the topic of adoption and the Missouri Adoptive Rights Act, visit www.ichoosethisday.org.

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