Meet Cheryl Mitchell, Owner of Suddenlies in Downtown Springfield, MO

Meet Cheryl Mitchell, Owner of Suddenlies in Downtown Springfield, MO

Have you noticed life brings you the most fantastic experiences when you least expect them… suddenly? That’s what happened to Cheryl Mitchell. When life led her to found a women’s shelter a decade ago, she did. But her heart-strings pulled her to a different calling, and life suddenly changed.

“What I saw in the women and children at the shelter was they needed empowerment. Creativity empowers restoration, which is the catalyst for transformation,” explains Cheryl. “What better way to show these women empowerment than through a great avenue to launch oneself?”

With a heart to serve others, Cheryl started her unique boutique and gallery, Suddenlies, in downtown Springfield with the vision of local artists coming together to display their one-of-a-kind works of art and where you can find treasures to bless one another.

Along with a friendly, fun atmosphere at Suddenlies, you’ll find an eclectic collection of art, modern home decor, popular boutique dresses, jewelry, and more.
Cheryl’s advice to new or upcoming business owners? “It costs a lot to start a business. Ask yourself, ‘What can you invest in right now? Do it and have the vision to grow.”
Visit Cheryl at Suddenlies, 315 South Avenue, in Springfield across from Ernie Biggs for downtown shopping at its finest.

Where suddenlies happen every day.
315 South Ave. Springfield, MO

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