Everyday Extraordinary: Michelle Rador

Everyday Extraordinary:  Michelle Rador

Everyday Extraordinary: Michelle Rador

A single mother, Michelle Rador beat the odds when she graduated from Niangua high school with a young child at home. She continued to beat the odds when she got her nursing degree as the mother of four young children, but these challenges, though extraordinary, aren’t what set her apart from the crowd.

Michelle is an ultra runner.

In September, Michelle participated in the Hawk 100-mile trail run challenge after recovering from a sprained ankle in mid-August. In fact, just a couple short weeks after her sprain, she ran a 5k… on crutches.

“A race is all about mindset,” explained Michelle. “I’ve overcome so many challenges in life, distance is a discomfort I can control!”

Michelle has taken on 5Ks, marathons, half-marathons, and everything in between, but Hawk was her greatest distance yet.

Shortly after her experience with the Hawk run, Michelle was approached by a major TV producer and interviewed for a reality program.

Her recent encounters are quite extraordinary, and Michelle was equally shocked by them. “I’m nobody. I’m just a random girl trying to do her thing.”

Her upbeat spirit allows her to make friends wherever she goes, but her drive and ambition are truly inspirational.

That’s why Michelle is our “Everyday Extraordinary 417 Metro Woman!” Thanks, Michelle for being such an inspiration!

Photo of Michelle on crutches, used with permission from Gary Momphard, Facebook. The Hawk photo, courtesy Michelle Rador.

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