Everyday Extraordinary: Brittany Dyer

Everyday Extraordinary: Brittany Dyer

Brittany Dyer’s first surgery to remove a 6” paralyzing spinal tumor was on December 19, 2011. That was the beginning of Our Beautiful Fight.

There were only 50 recorded cases in the world, and Brittany was told she’d never walk again. After multiple surgeries, re-learning to walk, and losing her job, Brittany experienced her darkest hour. She needed help with bills. Moreso, she needed her spirit lifted.

Brittany and her wife, Heather, pooled their limited remaining resources, bought a saw, and purchased some wood. They created a beautiful wooden sign. The sign then led them to create a few coffee tables… then a few dining tables… and Our Beautiful Fight woodworking was born!

Customers began coming to them with custom projects ideas, and Heather and Brittany began working the business full-time. They now have over 1,500 customers.

Every day, the women experience the difficulty and long-term effects of Brittany’s fight with cancer and spinal cord injury. Their woodworking business has become their therapeutic outlet, offering a breath of fresh air in the midst of  life’s chaos. It has brought beauty into what had become a mass of dark and difficult moments.

With the help of their family, these Everyday Extraordinary ladies apply the same thought to their home décor and woodworking pieces by taking plain, unwanted, beaten up pieces of wood and breathing life back into them.Brittany and Heather create quality custom handmade products that remind people how the most difficult and ugly can become beautiful once again.

Our Beautiful Fight DIY offers Woodworking classes at Hurts Donut, Vino Cellars Branson, Elfindale Manson, The GLO center, and LUK Boutique in Nixa. Take a leap of faith like Brittany and Heather and create something beautiful! Beautiful Fight Woodworking is on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook or call (417) 848-9327

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