A Beautiful Wedding on a Shoestring Budget

A Beautiful Wedding on a Shoestring Budget

My husband and I met in a blistering hot July, were engaged by that December, and were wed in the following May.

We nearly had a clown-colored cake for our wedding, but the day passed without a major wardrobe malfunction or memorable toast from a well-intended, badly advised relative or friend.

My husband and I approached our wedding event as a symbolic rite that we needed to do and then move along with the rest of our lives. We decided to have the wedding held in a church, in keeping with our faith, but the rest of the event was approached with a “git-er-done” mentality.

I chose my wedding dress in just a few minutes. Our reception was punch and cake. The colors of our wedding were his and her favorite colors – orange (me) and green (him). Our sound system for the reception was a portable CD player.

Our family was very generous with us and chipped in to help the young couple in question, but no one in either clan got stressed in the finances. When the day was done, there was no debt.

Even though it was thrifty, it was incredibly special. My groom and I got a fabulous amount of hugs that day. Our mothers looked stunning in their dresses for the special occasion. I still remember smiling at my husband and seeing his radiant grin back to me as we stood at the altar. I remember telling my dad not to make me laugh as he walked me down the aisle…or else.

Somehow, in our tender age of mid-twenty-something, we got it. We realized that the wedding day is one day, and not often the best day of the relationship. We wanted to have the symbol, but we went into it knowing that it was ritual and not the magic of marriage.

It saved us some money. It saved us heartache because we never expected that day to be perfect. The cake got fixed last minute by my wonderful mother-in-law, who re-iced the cake late into the night before our big day. The only clowns in the wedding were me and my husband, who giggled our way through our frugal and fabulous day. (Well, at least until we discovered that our decoy of the getaway car didn’t work out. We had to roll our highly-decorated automobile through the car wash on our way to our St. Louis honeymoon.)

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