Everyday Extraordinary: Kristy Horton

Everyday Extraordinary: Kristy Horton

At 4’9” with a petite frame, you wouldn’t guess this woman could once be found rounding up wild horses in Montana or spending five days days on the Reno Cattle Drive, wrangling in 100 head of cattle, but that’s not why she was nominated as our Everyday Extraordinary Woman.

Kristy Horton is the founder of Kickin’ it with Kristy, a local radio show that over the past year brought in over 40 businesses and nearly that number of charities, promoting community events, bringing community awareness, and advocating for growth.  This is what makes Kristy happy.

She models what she speaks, consistently serves as a volunteer on boards and directing fundraisers for nearly 20  charities. With as busy as she is, you’d be surprised if she had any time left, but she works full time offering fitness help to women and men throughout Springfield at the Metabolic Research Center. In the past, she’s held several high-impact positions including co-owner at Millwood Golf & Racquet Club, owner at Bar Cardio, and as an Exercise Instructor for Creekside at Elfindale.

Kristy’s roots are in the 417 area. In fact, her family were some of the founders of Nixa, and her knowledge of the area has been useful in another passion of hers, public speaking. Kristy often speaks on historic topics ranging from Rose O’Neil’s  Kewpie dolls to movie theaters and drive-ins.

Currently, Kristy is making the most of her newest hobby, running, by raising money for Team JDRF for her nephew and his service dog. Type 1 Diabeties runs in her family, and she is doing her part to find a cure by raising money for every mile she runs. You can help support her here: http://bit.ly/KristyJDRF

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