Ditch the Diet

Ditch the Diet

“I don’t put people on diets.” Some people are shocked when I tell them this. You might ask, but aren’t you a dietitian? And what exactly does a non-diet dietitian do? I’m glad you asked!

I don’t put people on diets for a very simple reason. They don’t work! Yes, they might “work” for a short time, but long term 95% of people will gain back all the weight they lost, many even more. If this is you, it’s not your fault. Diets work against you by lowering your metabolism and increasing your preoccupation with food. If you struggle with cravings and/or overeating, you might think you need a diet, but in reality, it’s likely that dieting has CAUSED these problems. I tell people over and over again. “You haven’t failed. Dieting has failed you!!!” Repeat that until it sinks in.

So then, what do I do as a dietitian?
I help individuals improve their health through healing their relationship with food. Diets make food the enemy and cause you to lose touch with your natural body cues. I can help you tune back into and trust your body’s natural cues, eat for physical rather than emotional reasons, and be at peace with food and your body. I will work with you to heal the damage from dieting and find your healthiest self. You deserve to be healthy and find joy in eating. Want to learn more? Reach out to Avia today, share your story and see how she can help.


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