Connecting the Dots to Discover Your Business Idea

Connecting the Dots to Discover Your Business Idea

Have you ever wondered if you could start your own business? Do you have a hobby or a knack for doing things that everyone compliments you on, saying, “You should start a business doing that.”?

I believe God gives us clues to our dreams.

My sister and my dreams started around the ages 8 and 10.

We grew up in an unhealthy environment. Being the big sister, I tried to protect her. We stayed in our room many nights. While I created programs and fun things for us to do, she was in charge of fixing snacks (bologna and cheese which she adorned with mustard smiley faces!). Funny thing is, I ended up developing programs and ideas for many non-profits, and she grew up to have her own catering business, and eventually became Global Catering Director for a big university.

What clues has your life given you towards your career or business idea?

Make a timeline from elementary age, teen years, early adulthood, up to now, and you will find a common thread of clues that point the way to what you are designed to do.  Were you the group organizer? The artistic one? The natural born leader? Did you excel at details? Did you sell the most products for your school fundraiser? Are you the encourager? The party planner? The person who loves animals and anything connected to them? Are you the one that makes the delicious treats for any get-together?

Search for your clues and connect the dots. You never know where your idea might take you…

Paula Shumaker O’Donnell writes “Monday Motivation” for businesses, individuals, and publications such as “Guideposts Magazine,” “Mysterious Ways,” “Angels on Earth,” and  “Woman’s World.”
Visit her website at
theworldneedsyou.com or email mycoachpaula@aol.com

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