Building a Resilient Community through Disaster Preparedness

Building a Resilient Community through Disaster Preparedness

by Brenda Torres Barraza and Mark Applegate

Turn on news for a minute and all you see are disasters. Rather than stewing and fretting, do something: prepare! 

Get prepared today for future natural disasters and emergencies through the “Ready in 3” model from the Department of Health and Human Services.

1.      Create a plan for your family

2.      Prepare an emergency kit

3.      Listen for information about what to do/where to go during an emergency

First, identify your disaster point of contact with your family, caregiver, and your social circle. Plan where to seek shelter, draft an escape plan and teach your children these safe places and plans.

Second, build an emergency kit with 72-hours of supplies. Include a three-day supply of food, water, first aid, and clothing. Gather batteries/flashlight, battery-powered radio, blankets, important documents, and other emergency items. Remember your unique needs, such as prescription medicine, baby formula, diapers, and pet food.

Lastly, find multiple options to receive time-sensitive, changing information (severe weather news) including T.V, phone applications, or your weather radio.

COVER Ozarks (Community Organizations for Vulnerable Emergency Recovery) helps educate and build a resilient community through disaster preparedness and assists those experiencing challenges receiving emergency alerts to find options. For more about Disaster Preparedness, follow “COVER Ozarks” on Facebook or contact COVER Ozarks partners Mark Applegate at (417) 862-0762 or Brenda Torres Barraza at (417) 720-4213. Let’s join together to make the Ozarks a more resilient place in times of need.

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