Become a Vision Queen in 2019

Become a Vision Queen in 2019

Regardless what you choose as a catchy New Year’s mantra, if you want to achieve a goal of any kind, you need a compelling reason. Begin with a strong visual or feeling that stirs something inside of you.
For instance, a friend watching television one evening saw beautiful scenes of Barcelona. Something stirred inside her, and she vowed she would one day be there in person, taking in the sights and sounds just like on television. Through her business, she had a chance to earn a trip to Barcelona. It was not easy. But she held that image of Barcelona in her mind. A year later, she was there. All because she had a vision and a compelling reason to work hard when the going got tough.

What do you want in 2019?

An popped up recenlty that said, “Trouble finding plus-size clothing?” I had to laugh, as one of my goals is to get back on track with my healthy eating. The good news is I know I don’t have to do it alone. I have hired a nutritionist, and wellness coach in the past, and she changed my life. I know how to get back on track. I let some family illness and stress, along with a few holiday treats, get me off track. I remember how much fun it was to shop for smaller sizes. It was a confidence builder for my other goals, too. Find something that stirs your soul and hold on for dear life.
That isn’t catchy – but it works.

What’s your Barcelona for 2019?

Paula Shumaker O’Donnell writes “Monday Motivation” for businesses, individuals, and publications such as “Guideposts Magazine,” “Mysterious Ways,” “Angels on Earth,” and “Woman’s World.”
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