Barns, Backroads, & ByWays

Barns, Backroads, & ByWays

On a crisp September evening, LaDonna Greiner perched on a bluff overlooking Pomme de Terre Lake, snapping photos as the setting sun altered the sky in hues of purple, blue and pink. “I stayed so long that it was dark when I headed home,” LaDonna exclaimed. “I took the wrong fork in the trail then a shortcut across a moonlit grassy field, but I still didn’t return to camp until 10:30 p.m.!”

LaDonna’s beautiful “Barnes, Backroads & Byways” fine art photography features outdoor scenes that boost your mood, inspire creativity, and increase motivation. Each experience brings opportunities to share an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. LaDonna’s leasing program for businesses transforms boring offices into restorative environments that inspire and motivate.

Her love for the outdoors and vintage buildings captures timeless beauty that is rapidly disappearing or changing. Resulting in stunning photographs featured on notecards, metal, canvas, and prints … and several close calls.

With autumn leaves ablaze, she rose at dawn–temps in the low 20’s–to capture the fog rising off Tablerock Lake. The next day, she hiked Whitaker Point Trail in the dark—nearly walking off a narrow ledge–to photograph Hawksbill Crag at sunup.

But with her leasing program, you can surround yourself with beauty throughout the year without the close calls! You can even apply a portion of your lease payments toward the purchase of a beautiful “Barnes, Backroads & Byways” fine art photography.

Interested in purchasing or leasing art for your home or office?
Check out a sampling of her fine art photography at 21ReasonsToSayThankYou.com.

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