Absolute Wellness Solutions

Absolute Wellness Solutions

At Absolute Wellness Solutions, natural health and wellness is our passion.

Our goal is to empower you to make the best choices for you and your family……..naturally.

Sherry Neill, who co-owns Absolute Wellness Center, works with people of all ages to help them achieve their wellness goals. Her specialized training in nursing along with her master’s degree in holistic studies give her a high level understanding of how non-traditional remedies combined with nutrition and supplements work to change your health positively. Absolute Wellness Center strives to educate families about the importance of eating REAL food and avoiding toxins. Beyond food and water as our “medicine”, they rely on whole food supplements, essential oils, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and Bach Flower Remedies to support clients as they move through their wellness journey.At Absolute Wellness Center, individualized consultations help clients to find the cause of their symptoms, not simply mask them.  We support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle for clients of all ages.  

Services available include:  Ion Cleanse detox, frequency balancing, Shealy Relaxmate, hormone and neurotransmitter testing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Kinesiology, Bioenergetic testing, and our newest tool the CRYOSKIN 3.0, a non-invasive, body contouring treatment used for slimming, cellulite reduction, and toning.


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Tel: (417) 832-0292

Sherry Neill, ND BC-CAHP

Absolute Wellness Solutions, LLC

215 W. Kearney

Springfield, MO  65803

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