How a Health Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How a Health Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Evidence shows that traditional methods of health teaching don’t work well, but health coaching improves outcomes. Health coaching is a rather new concept which began due to this observation. Traditional teaching essentially directs information
at you.

Health coaches, on the other hand, help you discover your true health concerns and desired changes, exploring the reasons why you may be uncertain about making the behavior changes which will positively impact your health. Our focus is on YOU, the client, your goals, and your agenda!

Health coaches help you identify the support systems available to you that will help you achieve behavior changes, and ultimately your health goals. You must be an active participant in your own health care. Behavior change comes from you, making you the true change agent. You will find the most success when you are the one leading your life and setting your goals, not someone else.

Health coaches are acredited, certified professionals who use clinical evidence-based practice interventions, your condition, and medical history to safely guide goal setting, health teaching, and give medical advice as the need arises. A qualified health coach is your health accountability partner.
Are you tired of being overweight, worn- out, and disheartened? Are you ready to feel confident, energized, and empowered again?

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