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  • GRITbecause: Fashion Nation
    Rachel Steele, blogger for Dreams of Perfect Design, describes fashion from a refreshing perspective. Put on your #OOTD and listen in! ~trvw https://trinawilcox.com/wp-content/uploads/GRITbecause_Rachel-Fashion-of-The-Nations_Aug-16-2019.mp3     The post GRITbecause: Fashion Nation appeared first on Trina Wilcox. Read more »
  • GRITbecause: A Turn in the Testimony
    The lesson to be learned in a testimony may not be just for you. Take a listen as Koach Kesta elaborates. Subscribe anytime to the trvw podcast from your podcast player app. Thank you Springfield Metro Woman for your sponsorship support! ~trvw https://trinawilcox.com/wp-content/uploads/Kesta-Testimony-Devo-Aug-2019-Clip_FB.mp3 The post GRITbecause: A Turn in the… Read more »
  • Get Up and Go
    You can make excuses all day. Coming up with reasons to avoid a workout will probably take longer than it will take for you to get through a circuit of crunches, planks, and push ups. Do your workout, feel better, move on with your fit day! ~trvw The post Get… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…Can You “ANTI” a Bully?
    Instagram is working to fight the trolls and bullies that hide behind the keyboard. The idea is nice but can it really impact nasty behavior for the better? Matt Paasch, parent of three with one actively using “The Gram” talks about how he and his wife navigate social media with… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…The Wisdom of Starting a Business
    If you’ve thought about starting a business, listen up. This episode, Tonya Versteeg of BodyOne Wellness, talks about why she did it and the the feelings that come along with being an entrepreneur. Enjoy and be sure to pick up the latest copy of Metro Woman Magazine across the 417… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…It’s Summer!
    It’s summertime so try to get outside and soak in some sunshine…while wearing your sunscreen! If you need a refreshing episode to sooth your summer-soul, here’s a quick, fruity chat for you. Enjoy because like the long, hot days, it’s over before ya know it! Savor the season. ~trvw https://trinawilcox.com/wp-content/uploads/Gb_SummerFruitChat_July-5-2019.mp3… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…Give That Plastic A Purpose
    Amity Farr, Simple Fly Life, is back to share why simply returning your plastic bags to be recycled can make a wonderful positive impact on our environment. She also does a little show and tell about her shopping kit. It helps her reduce the amount of waste she has to… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…Ambitiously Blonde, Part Un
    Katie Rickman, working woman, auntie, and fellow blonde, talks hair with me on this episode of GRITbecause…Ambitiously Blonde, Part Un. Have fun with us chatting our hair woes and pros. Hope you will subscribe to the trvw podcast on iTunes or listen right here. If you watch the video, subscribe to… Read more »
  • GRITbecause…Amity’s Story
    Amity Farr, Simple Fly Life, returns to GRITbecause. This time she goes back to the beginning to share her personal story of creating and maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. Please listen to the podcast here or on iTunes. If you watch the video, subscribe to the YouTube channel so we can… Read more »
  • Downsizing A Dream
    More is, well…just more! We seem to believe it’s better to have a lot or we’re more secure if we have more stuff in life but it’s being recognized that freedom is found in getting rid of the excess. Rachel shares her journey of selling the family’s “dream home” for… Read more »

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