Find Potential Inside Your Closet

Find Potential Inside Your Closet

Find Potential Inside Your Closet

In a closet overflowing with clothes, I had nothing to wear until Kandice Alexander unleashed its potential and showed me options that I didn’t know existed.

Now this Metro Woman has a new fashion best friend — Kandice Alexander, owner of 5 Elements Esthetics and Makeup Studio and Alexander Personal Image Styling. Kandice is a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and personal stylist.

I resigned myself to wearing 10% of my clothes, donning the same blouse and pants each week. Overwhelmed with choices, I continued to add to my wardrobe every season because I wasn’t using what I had.

I Googled Alexander Personal Image Styling and called for a consultation, fully expecting her to look in my closet and dramatically exclaim, “Outdated! Out of style! What were you thinking?!” Instead, her gracious methods allowed me to experience my clothing the same way I had when I found each piece in the store – with admiration and expectation.

She even helped me discover how to organize and pair my jewelry so I can use every piece, even heirlooms I thought I’d never use! “I give you permission,” explained Kandice. “Permission to step outside of the box and pair your items in ways you didn’t think was possible.”

She noted the staples I was missing, and we planned a shopping trip to fill the gaps. “For people who love shopping a little too much, I make this a focused effort, and for people who don’t like shopping, I relieve the anxiety associated with shopping.”

As part of the latter group, I was surprised by the ease of the process. And Kandice knew where to shop for my budget and taste!

This spring, Kandice will help me review my warmer weather wardrobe. “It’s a 12-month contract,” she said.  “I help you now, and you call on me anytime you feel unsure, when you’re shopping, or when you just need someone to tell you, “Yes! That outfit works.” Or if it doesn’t work, tell you how to make it work!”

Make the most of your wardrobe!
Contact Kandice for your consult today!

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