We support and encourage the growth and recognition of businesses that offer services and goods to women in the 417 area. We do this by providing a magazine with these resources to enhance women’s lives in greater Springfield, Branson, Nixa, Ozark and surrounding areas.
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  • Everyday Extraordinary: Michelle Rador

    A single mother, Michelle Rador beat the odds when she graduated from Niangua high school with a young child at home. She continued to beat the odds when she got her nursing degree as the mother of four young children, but these challenges, though extraordinary, aren’t what set her apart from the crowd. Michelle is an […]

  • Creating a Stress-Free Holiday

    The holidays are coming! It’s a time of year known for being busy and stressful. You likely have several invitations to gatherings, a list of people to send holiday cards to, and the daunting task of braving the crowds to find gifts for your loved ones. All of this, on top of your normal everyday […]

  • What the Podcast?!

    If you’re just learning of podcasts or are unclear on what they are, read on! Podcasts are sound files, usually recorded weekly or biweekly. Many people who develop podcasts set them up like a radio talk show with different episodes focused on topics or featuring special guests. Churches are even using them to broadcast sermons. […]

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417 Metro Woman is a full-color resource guide for women in Southwest, Missouri and the Springfield metro area. The premiere resource for women’s services and products for over a decade, 417 Metro Woman Magazine is designed to provide home, health & beauty, fashion, entertainment, and professional solutions for women…and offers…

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Our premier issue was published in 2004. Since then, we’ve provided continuous value to our advertisers in Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Branson, and surrounding Missouri cities. If you would like to reserve a spot for your business in our next issue, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you!…

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